Constructing a perpendicular bisector

All people (shapes) in flatland appear the same. People in flatland recognize each other and acknowledge each other by hearing and feeling. These methods of recognizing others are used constantly in daily flatland life. The higher the angles on a shape the more angles the shape has. For example an octagon has steeper angles than a triangle.


Flatland ch 2 summary

Flatland has directions just like we do: north, south, east , and west. They also have what’s called a southward attraction, something we would call a slight pull of gravity. Citizens of flatland use clues such as the rain, that falls from north to south, to give them direction. Houses in flatland are mostly pentagons. The law for houses is that if a city or town has a population of more than 10,000 people then all houses have to be at least a pentagon shape. The only exception to this rule is military buildings such as barracks and powder magazines. Those can be square.


Flatland ch. 1 summary

Flatland is a land of shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles. It seems as though a vast sheet of paper on which you can only see straight lines. A person (shape) on flatland is like a shadow. One dimensional and quite boring indeed. People on flatland can’t even tell their friends from their enemies.





My name is Ben Watson and I am a freshman at RHS. I play baseball, football, and I am in marching band. I love to go camping and skiing. I live with my parents at home and I have 1 brother. Someday I hope to go to a division 1 school on a dual scholarship for athletics and academics.
I am a pretty good student and have been since I started school. My parents push me to get the best grades I can and won’t accept anything below a “B”. Usually I am very organized and turn in all of my assignments, but once in a blue moon I forget or just lose it. My favorite subject in school is history because I love to learn about the past.
To be honest math has never really been my favorite subject and it definitely doesn’t come easy to me. I have to work hard in order to get the grade I want. As a kid I remember math being pretty easy until I got to middle school. And last year in algebra I definitely struggled. My math teachers have all been awesome and I know Mr. Stuckey will be too.
I am taking this class so that one day I can get into the college of my choice. I hope that this class is easier for me than algebra last year. I think this class is about learning about shapes and other math related things. I hope to get an “A” in this class and I know that if I work hard I can do it.